Fun Music Apps For Sight Reading

Over the past couple of weeks, a number of parents have asked about the best music apps to help learn note reading and improve sight reading skills. Here are my suggestions:

For a website (best with computer), try Music Theory Exercises. It’s not presented as a game, but it has a lot of options for different exercises, and may be useful for review.

Free Apps for Learning Music Notes:

NoteWorks Free (only treble clef, with 1 level and a limited note range. Full version is currently $5.34) This is quite a fun game, where a monster eats the notes you identify correctly as they scroll across the screen.

JungleMusic Free (again, just one level. Full version is $1.99). Another fun game where the iguana hatchling eats the ‘bugs’ (notes) you identify correctly as they sit on a staff.

ClefMaster. A timed game where you identify the names of the notes in your selected clef. The timer resets as you get notes correct, and it keeps track of your highscore.

Best Paid Apps for Learning Music Theory:

NoteWorks and JungleMusic as above. The paid versions of these apps teach sight-reading notes in all four clefs and are great for beginners to more advanced music students.

NoteRush, $7.99. Australian made, with fabulous reviews by music teachers, this is one I haven’t personally used, but is the number one recommendation. It is a game where you have to play the correct note on your instrument; the microphone picks up the sound to check if it is correct or not (so your instrument definitely needs to be in tune!)

Flashnote Derby, $3.23: another one that’s been recommended to me by other teachers but which I haven’t personally used. It is apparently fabulous for Apple users, but not so great for Android. It’s another gamified note reading app where you race your horse by naming the notes correctly.

More Fun Music Theory Apps:

I have some other games here which I came across while looking at the apps above. I spent 20 minutes playing Music Theory Tiles (free) instead of writing these reviews because I got so sucked into the game! It’s a pair matching game which helps students to learn the circle of 5ths. Anyone who’s currently doing the Chord Challenge should get this free app and have a play.

YY Intervals (free) is an ear training app for interval training. There are three levels; higher/lower, named intervals, and scale patterns. In this game, you are a squirrel collecting nuts by correctly identifying the interval.

Have fun with these, and if you’d like me to review any other apps please let me know.

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