Term 2 Challenges

After the success of last term’s Fantasy Quest, we will be starting our new studio challenge this week! This is a challenge that spans seven levels, from beginners to advanced students; something for everyone! As with our past challenges, this one can be used just for this term, or students can continue until they have achieved all levels. Regardless, the skills they learn will last them for the rest of their piano playing life and beyond.

Are you ready? Drumroll please……….

Credit: Colourful Keys

The Scale Spectacular was inspired by Nicola Cantan of Colourful Keys. Beginning with the Pentascale Star level, students fill out worksheets to indicate the correct fingering for each pentascale/scale. Once they have learnt the scale, they need to play it correctly at three separate lessons in order to achieve mastery of that scale. Hopefully this will encourage them to keep practising it and avoid the trap of learning something, and then forgetting it because it doesn’t get played until the next lesson! I have adapted the challenge to cover all three forms of minor scale.

Students who are preparing for exams will also receive a scale spinner to gamify their scale practice. They can keep this spinner until they have achieved their exam, whereupon it can be recycle to the next student to study that level. These spinner boards have all the exam scales and arpeggios written, one per wedge, on a circular playing board. The spinner gets spun to randomly choose a technical exercise to play. It’s a great way to maintain a level of randomness in the selection of scale practice, so that they don’t consistently play all their scales in the same order every week. More advanced students of AMEB exams require two spinners; one for the technical exercise, and one for the dynamic and articulation.

So choose your level, and start your fingers spinning on the street to spectacular scale success!

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