Music Tuiton

Piano Lessons Port Macquarie
Private Tuition

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are specifically tailored to each student’s individual needs. With Lydia’s strong classical background and keen interest in pedagogy, each student develops appropriate technique, aural and rhythmic development, and a strong sense of style - from beginner to advanced diploma levels. Students who prefer a more contemporary path don’t miss out; chord training, rote teaching and up-to-date music receives care and attention.

Flute Lessons Port Macquarie
Private Tuition

Flute Lessons

Flute students develop correct technique and a beautiful tone. Exploring music from Bach to Beatles gives students a thorough grounding in all styles and genres. With a teacher who can play any accompaniment at the drop of a hat, students get to learn every piece with its full harmonic texture, and take-home recordings continue the valuable listening and ensemble skills at home.

Group Ensemble Band Lessons Port Macquarie
Group Tuition

Ensemble Performance

Duets and ensembles give young students the enjoyment of playing together. As keyboard students often miss out on the social aspect of music, a specific opportunity to get together with peers and other musicians leads to more engagement with the music, extra learning and mentoring development, and of course more fun.

Music Theory Tutor Port Macquarie
Private or Group Tuition

Music Theory

Theory is a critical skill for musicians. Although Lydia does teach theory concepts in individual private lessons, group classes offer the opportunity for learning through games, group activities, and composition development. Classes also offer an opportunity for students to interact with their peers in a friendly, competition free environment.

Dots and Stems Music Tuition

our music philosophy

Music and music making is an inherent part of all cultures. All people should have the opportunity to gain professional instruction to further their appreciation and understanding of music. Because of this philosophy, Dots and Stems aims to incorporate both music and students from a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities. Every student is treated individually, both with regards to the instrument they are learning, and with an all-round approach to musicianship.


Kids Piano Lessons



"I've had 4 online lessons and I'm surprised how much I've learned. Lydia's songs are fun to play."

Aged 11.

"Lydia has supported me to transition from classical pieces and exams to other styles I'm keen on. She's also given me opportunities to use my other instrument (guitar) with students I've met through her ensemble classes."

— Xavier
Piano Student.

"Lydia is interested and skilled in a wide range of musical styles and this has been invaluable in engaging my teenage son. She has really encouraged and supported his music development and provided a variety of individual and group opportunities."

— Elizabeth